about AIC

The aim of AIC is to create an impact by improving yields with more efficient use of resources such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides. By blending data, knowledge, and a solid open-source digital infrastructure, AIC gives farmers a higher and more secure income and makes the agri-food value chain more sustainable and predictable.

Row of black containers with small potted green tomatoes placed in greenhouse in daylight


To ensure a healthy agricultural industry that contributes to the national GDP, food security, social welfare, job creation, and adding value to raw materials, countries need to increase crop yield, reduce waste, lower carbon footprints, and improve scalability.


•Position nations as innovative agricultural hubs
•Apps for farmers to improve agricultural practices in real-time (easy to use, affordable, and accessible)
•Information about and access to farmers and stakeholders in the food chain
•Educational training provision for farmers and others involved in the food value chains.